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So I found out yesterday that I have herpes. Worst day of my life. I've always gotten cold sores on my mouth so the doctor said I probably had this for awhile but now it's genitial herpes. The pain is horrible. He gave me valacyclovir but I need something to put on while I work. I have a one year old baby that I stay home with all day everyday and I cannot just lay on the couch, I was wondering if abreva would help? I used ice last night and it helped some but not much. Does anyone have suggestions? I'm going to call my normal doctor tomorrow and get an appt because I went to the emergency room yesterdat. I thought it was just a bad yeast infection but it wasn't. Anything will help!

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Ask for lidocane. Maybe not the right spelling. But this is what i use and it numbs the whole area during this time so that it's bearable


Hi I'm a 23 year old female and just found out this guy I been dating gave me gh I have really bad sores down bottom and everything I tried don't help I tr taken warm baths I tried warm rags nothing seems to help and I als notice the sores seems to leak yellow pus and the sore are real bad I can't walk or sleep right at night this is my first outbreak and if anyone could help I really need advice on this please


For something cheap and fast use baking soda. It will burn but heals fast

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