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First, I would like to say thank you to everyone that submitted something, especially the funny posts. These remedies helped me a lot and gave me hope when I felt helpless. I read them while in tears. Knowing that others went through this and made it through gave me hope.
Now, onward to business.
I had a MRSA staph infection a while back. Before the doctors realized this though, they gave me antibiotics to treat a regular abscess. (Trimeth Sulfa Ds) Within fifteen minutes of taking it coupled with Ibuprofen I felt relief. Aside from the drugs, I made a paste of bakings soda, 100% pure tea tree oil, and Colgate toothpaste. Before I applied this concoction, I rubbed Neosporin on the abscess. Then, I covered it with gauze. On top of this, I placed a hot and cold compress over it. It began draining within an 1 hour. I feel soooo much relief! I can finally sit on my butt with crying out from pain! Hope this helps. <3

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