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Oscar' mom

I wish I had found this sire a couple of months ago.
I had a bad case of acid reflux and didnot know what it was. My mouth was burning and I would get pains in my Chest like I was going to die.
I googled what I could and for my mouth burning refered my to my dentist. He gave me a gel to calm down the irritation, that worked.
But my stomack was still in pain.
A beautiful doctor at cvs pharmacy told me what it was.
Went to my doctor to get my heart tested, thank God that was ok.
So I knew for sure that was acid reflux.
From all that I read in this site, here is what is helping me:
I take a pickle at night with a it of the juice.
I take l-glutamine powder mix with water.
I mix backing soda and lime juice in a glass of water for after meals.
Almonds , apples, bananas , help,
I used to feel something was stuck in my throat, now that is going away slowly,
Thank you all for saving me from such discomfort.

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