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this helped me so much? basically cut the side of a tomato so it looks a bit like this shape (| and press it against the abcess. depending on whether you have any of the skin open it might sting a bit, but it will drain it and bring it to a head so fast! my entire undereye was swollen and puffed up with red streaks, i put a tomato on it for about 30 minutes and didnt wash the juice off over night and its almost 100% gone. totally worth it; helps with acne too! make sure your tomato is fresh and red though.

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jo momma

For real, a tomato? I've never heard that.. Did you do it long, multiple times? I've literally have 5 abscesses right now. And I'm not trying to go to the hospital, just yet. But yeah. I've heard potato?

Anyways. Thanks!! :)

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