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I tried some of the other remedies on this site but none worked then I saw one that said to use a q-tip to apply caugh medicine on the affected tooth,I didn't see the sense of doing that since I tried doing the same with cloves but my saliva just washed most it away,so I took a tablespoon of robbatussan caugh and flu and swished it around my mouth on the affected tooths side for about a minute,it burns a little but the pain does go away after spitting out the medicine out,been 5 mins since I've tried it and the pains gone down from a 9 to a 0,I hope it works for anyone in serious pain,good luck

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Hell yea worked like a charm . Thanks bro


Just finished trying this. Already I feel the pain decreasing. Oh, I could cry from joy right now! This toothache has kept me from sleeping all weekend. Thank you so very much!


I don't know how it works who would stick caugh medicine gust on a tooth


Thank you


I do feel the pain decreasing thank you for the tip! it feels so much better than what it has I have been upALL night trying to figure out how to get rid of the pin.


Sorry, still in excruciating pain. I'm glad it worked for someone though.


Thanks soo much i felt better immediately


My goodness it does work, I don't know long it will work but the pain has been gone for three min so far but at least it's relived for a few until the Advil kicks in

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