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In March of this year I found a stalk-like cluster of warts on the inner part of my vagina(the the inside but on the moist part) but I was too embarrassed to go to a doctor so I kind of just dealt with it. About a month had passed and I noticed it had gotten worse so I started to panic.
First I tried ACV which burned like hell and was very uncomfortable but it seemed to keep them under control. Eventually I stopped using ACV because it hurt too bad and was too much of a task to keep up with.
Over the next few months I had developed more warts on every part of my vagina and the outside skin where hair is started to develop large clusters. It was very embarrassing and uncomfortable. At this point it had gotten hard to walk. They were everywhere.
I did a lot of research and had seen that garlic oil pills and eating healthy was the only true way to get rid of them...HERE IS WHAT I DID
1. I took 8 (1500mg) garlic oil pills twice a day
2. I put coconut oil in anything it would taste good in
3. I kept the warts clean and dry
4. I ate anything green; LOTS of broccoli cooked with coconut oil and pink salt, I juiced spinach etc.
NO LIE, after 5-6 months of having a very bad case of GW, they were completely gone in 1.5-2 weeks
The results I was seeing kept me on track with my diet.

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I had 2 outbreaks this year and both times my doctor gave me Aldara which are very expensive. This 3rd time I noticed that it was worst than before and spreading plus they came back as soon as I finished with the medication. They are really small sachets so I never have any left. I've been using Apple Cider Vinegar for over a month now and it burns a lot. I can bear the pain but they turn white & I don't see much positive results. I'm trying not to stress because I hear that it can make them worst. I can't afford a 3rd box of Aldara, it makes no sense if its only gonna provide temporary relief or healing. I don't knw what else to do, Ive heard of using banana skins, tea tree oil & now garlic. I use condoms, I try to remember to take my Centrum Performance and they 1st came up on my outside of where the condom covers. They're so embarrassing and uncomfortable!!!


hi..where i can buy the garlic pills??u mean i need to drink 8pcs of grlic pill?

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