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Hello everyone,
Thank you all for sharing your stories and remedies, they've really helped but I'm still pretty confused.
I'm 22 y.o and I was first diagnosed with HPV when I was 18 but I've never had a wart outbreak. The reason why the HPV was discovered was just because of a routine checkup at the gyno. However, I've always paid close attention to any abnormalities but it seems as if I dodged a huge bullet by never contracting warts.
I've been in a relationship for 2 years and I didn't tell my boyfriend about the HPV seeing as I had never had an outbreak in the past 5 years. I'm now living overseas as an exchange student and I'm not sexually active seeing as my bf isn't here with me. But a couple of days ago I noticed that a had warts, for no reason at all! I'm so terrified being in a country where I don't know how things work.. I've been trying to use ACV treatments and they hurt like hell! I've noticed the larger clusters getting smaller but I've also noticed that my warts are spreading..

Does anybody have any idea how I could've possibly gotten warts after so many years? I haven't gotten sick, my immune system is fine and I eat tons of garlic and take vitamins. Should I keep applying the ACV despite the spreading?

I was able to contact my doctor back home and he told me that the warts eventually go away. But how long does that on average take?
I've been feeling very alone out here, but this message board definitely has helped me, so thanks again everybody.

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I feel for you. I know how hard it is to be away from home and sick. And I am also going through your pain. The last time I was active was 12 yrs ago and only with one man. I had no idea I had HPV. My fiance and I have been chaste from the beginning of our relationship. No hanky panky. We're waiting for our marriage next year. Just yesterday, I got diagnosed with warts. I can't believe the infection could lie dormant for so long. But it can. Your past encounters can apparently just rise up and bite you in the back like that. Read up on it and go see a doctor to complement natural methods. If your relationship is built on trust and communication, he will see past the initial shock and believe that you have not been unfaithful and support you. In my case though, what I find most painful is that I could possibly infect my future husband. When I promised to love him with all of me, that did NOT include passing on an STD. So much for sexual liberation.


Hi I am also suffering with this. I went to a doctor in January and had 4 treatments with the acid two weeks apart and they sluffed off. I thought that was enough but they came back. I really can't afford to do the treatment again, even though planned parenthood only charged $25 so a couple nights ago I read up on earth about the apple cider vinegar. It should be the Bragg's organic and say 'with the mother' on the bottle. 5% acidity. Mine are in between my clitoris and lip on delicate tissue. I cut the end off a q-tip and soaked it in the acv, and stuck it on with the sticky part of the bandaid. Left it on for the night, it did not burn too bad. Skipped a day. Did it again today for about 7 or 8 hours and they are getting puffy and white just like they did with the doctors treatment. I am hoping they start to sluff off because they are horrible to look at and I just want them gone. Obviously. This has been a terrible situation since I got them. I thought they were ingrown hairs at first and even asked a family doctor about them a year earlier and she told me they were nothing. Well she was so wrong. Earth clinic is a great website and there are other home remedies that may not burn so much for you. Tea tree oil (that really burned me), castor oil, banana peel, garlic slice, etc. I wish you the best and if you find something please share. And know that you are not alone :)

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