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I'm a disabled RN. Developed dry socket today. With my poor eyesight, I thought the clot was still there, but my grown daughter said, all I see is bone. So, my thought was, take a STERILE needle and poke down in the hole to release more blood to make another clot.(I have sterile medical needle in hand. Got blood, got gauze, should have that clot back soon. Pain up forward in my jawbone, face and up into my ear has stopped. Works for me.

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Tired of idiot RN's

Nice job using your title as a RN to demonstrate what not to do. You risk increasing infection by adding additional trauma to the site by poking random holes in there for blood. Where is your common sense? Plus your eyesight is poor and your sticking needles in there when you can't tell if there is a clot or not?

You give RN's a bad reputation.


Exactly what a good blind retired RN would do. Thanks for the advice NEVER.


I don't think you should try this at home, but this is essentially what my dentist did to mine. I went in believing I was developing a sinus infection, as we had an issue with a sinus hole- from a past trauma, as it was healed and next to the extraction, not where it would have been if caused by this extraction. My dentist plugged the hole and stitched it up. I assumed the sinus pain was caused by this! Nope, dentist said I had dry socket. He poked around, repacked it with gauze, and told me to take it out in an hour, and that it would feel much better. To my surprise, it worked. That was 2 days ago. No sign of a clot, but the pain has lessened. I go back in two weeks for a follow up on the sinus issue, but the dry socket, so far, is better.


I had a dry socket and no insurance and balls of steel. Did it. It worked and yay no return visit! thank you :)

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