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I feel that home remedies are all ok to try.I had a cyst for more than 20 years,it was doctor would touch it until one day i was stoned and i stabbed it with my knife i had honed to a keen edge.That day my girlfriend milked around 4 cups (yes...almost a quart)of the stinkiest yellow cheesy substance known to man or beast.i was forward about 2 weeks. At the doctors office.extremely sick.feverish.doc couldnt figure out what was wrong until i disrobed and he saw my back.i had given myself a systemic infection thet put me in the hospital on iv antibiotics for 10 to remove the sac or core.i thought it was a zit or something that just kept growing.reading about injecting vinegar made me want to post this.just dont do it.the doc dont like messin with cysts unless they are infected unless you have cash for the surgery.its a day surgery in the doctors office.about 1 - 1.5 hrs to remove a cyst i recently had another cyst paid only because the doctor wrote it up as an infected cyst or it would have cost me 1200-1500 dollars. Please use common sense and dont do stuff you read on the computer.i had got my einstein idea to hone my knife and stab that cyst from the videos i was stupid.thank you all and please be careful

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Your link is no good.


Yo! Learn to write better than a 10 year old!


Thank you for sharing your story of operating on your self. I almost was going to try it, until I read your comment.

Someone else's story can truly help someone else.

Thank you,



Thanks for sharing. Sounds like something I would do if completely fed up. Sorry you went through that.


And this is why I decided to go to Doctor to have them to cut and drain mine and send me home with antibiotics. Glad you ended able to share your story.

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