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Alkaline Water

This should be obvious - drink water that has an alkaline pH. Now most 'tap' water is neutral when it comes out of the tap due to pH buffers like calcium. However, it's naturally alkaline - as its high pH is artifically created with these buffers.

I've discovered something most people with acid reflux haven't even heard about, and that's water ionizer machines. Basically, my wife's girlfriend tried to sell me a Kangen but I simply found the same water ionizing technology at a cheaper price.

So instead of taking TUMS or rich calcium based syrups to curb my reflux, I just drink a glass of alkaline water and it works even better. The one we purchased hooks up to the tap, purifies the water first, then 'ionizes' it, making it alkaline which you simply drink. The burning from the acid reflux goes away immediately. Easy remedy.

The one we got was called the Aqua Ionizer Deluxe. Good luck!

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