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One day my shoulder itched all day. I kept scratching and scratching until it started to get red. Then it dawned on me that i had caught ringworm from my niece who i babysat the previous day. ( She had a huge one in the upper middle part of her chest followed by a small one off to the upper left side of the chest area) While she was there she kept scratching it and even though i told her not to, she continued (she's only 3). Eventually she started to touch herself in other places so i had to continuosly wash her hands until i eventually got tired of it. The only way to get her to stop was to make her sit down and keep her hands on her lap. Her mom gave me some type of ointment for her but needless to say it wasnt working at all. I took it upon myself to put bleach on it and it showed improvemnt by the time i took her home the next day. Although i got her to stop touching herself, i forgot about myself. After she left i was itching like crazy. Then i finally knew i had contracted ringworm from her. I asked my mom to look at it because i couldnt and she said it was just a bunch of tiny red bumps. So i googled and found that Monistat 7 works. I used it that night along with bleach. It burned like crazy but in the morning it was soothed when i awoke. The redness had went away also. I used it again that morning and by the end of the day it was gone but i continued use. I guess mine went away so fast because i caught what it was extremely early. I tried contacting my sister so she could try it on my niece but to no avail. She hasnt answered my calls or texts. I dont know why though but oh well.

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Maybe treating her daughter with bleach and making her sit in a chair and not move. Especially without asking!


^this person u tried to stop it fro spreading good job she is probably just upset that u got it to go away and her daughter was prob a my upset cause she was three n didn't understand y u were doing that I did the same to my n ds and they were ad at e for a day n got over ok t and their ringworm is gone


Holy crap! what kind of monster puts bleach on a toddler!!! You said it hurt you and it wasn't even that bad. You said the babys was worse!!! wow. just. wow.


Wow!! U monster!


Don't pay any mind to these rude people. Obviously when she put the bleach on the toddler she didn't know it would burn. It isn't like it would make the baby die or's just a dab of bleach, I've done it with my kids on boils and other insect bites. It may burn but it's a fast and effective remedy. Thank you for ur post by the way.

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