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The Home doctor

If you stick an onion in your socks and boil them then drink the soup this will reduce your fever.

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Does it really work?
I wouldnt like to try...


Really ,i believe some people they don't know what they are talking about , do not try this remedy it is not healthy .


Of course it doesn't work, this is asinine. Either it's written incorrectly (are we boiling our socks or the onions?) Or else it's implying to drink foot stank onion tea...neither of which (foot stank nor onions) have anti-viral or anti-bacterial properties. It's an old wives tale that onions at your feet will cure a cough, but I think that old wife had one too many hits of foot stank tea because there's no evidence for it (where as say garlic tea or garlic/honey syrup DOES have backing given it's anti-biotic properties).

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