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Crispy lips

I've had dry chapped sunburnt feeling lips for about 2 weeks, darkened by dead skin...... My fave product is Calendula cream as I like to feel the tingling feeling when I put it on and know it's doing something.......
Okay, this time, it wasn't....... Even bought a barrier cream as I refused to use Vaseline...... Can't bear it..... So.... Even barrier cream wasn't being efficient enough....... Found this home remedies pages of many ideas, tried the cucumber and placed it on my lips for about 20 mins, rubbing it all over my lips, gently squeezing more juices out of it..... Then, thick honey that had crystallised and rubbed on my lips, gently rubbing sugar into lips...... Then, get your toothbrush, gr8 if it's an electric one and do slow circles all over the problem bits of the lips, for about 2 mins, then apply the honey again...... And amazingly, I felt the honey sinking into my lips this time, ....then I waited again and applied Calendula Cream, which really tingled this time, and then the Barrier cream which is very thick....... In the lips.... Plenty of water........and if having trouble agai, the cucumber is King.......

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Hi, I had a bad day, a week rather because something occured with my lips. It's very dry and flaky and I can't bare to go outside with that look. So, my mind teased me and thought that I will be bedridden for a week. It's very repugnant! I applied lots of cream and ointments on my lips but it just worsen the situation. So, I did what you did. I have searched a home remedy. Honey, coconut oil and lemon, that all I have in the kitchen. I made a homemade lip balm and it's quite effective. For 3-day consecutive of applying, there has changes happened. It's really great using the all natural products. I have known also that lysine deficiency could make our lips flaky and chappy. It is an amino acids that essential for us. Been taking lysine for awhile and it's really great. You can visit at BRI Nutrition for more info about lysine.

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