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I've had tooth pain for ages and have gone to the dentist and they gave me antibiotics which worked until they ran out, the dentist are useless as I wanted it pulled but they seem to think that there was nothing wrong, so for ages and ages I've live with this pain, sensitive toothpaste helps but it only comes but after a while then I found the solution milk, a glass of cold milk at least a pint a day works wonders I don't feel any pain anymore it's amazing but I have to keep drinking milk everyday.

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see i do that with milk but it seems to make it worse I've tried everything warm salt water brushing my teeth over and over again numbing gel pain killers nothing im still in pain

f#$% tooth pain!!!

the only thing that has ever helped me with tooth pain...was to get it pulled/// it suckes being im only 33 but...$1,982 for a root canal and crown...or $135 to have it pulled....the other thing that helps but not really is a hot water bottle,,,,it helped me get a half hour of sleep...before i went and got it pulled.


Also try a hot to warm tea bag and put it directy on the pain and it will sooth the pain


I drink milk all the time and it works for me also. Acetaminophen works also, but not right away. I always half to wait for about 20-30 min before the pain goes away.


You need calcium..that's why the milk works

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