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From Memphis Tn

After reading the benefits of using garlic for toothache issues I decided to try it. I do not have any whole garlic so I tried putting garlic powder on the tooth and gum area. It has slightly eased the pain but I tried something different. I used a teaspoon of garlic powder and half a teaspoon of salt in a cup of very warm water (not hot) and rinsed my mouth out 6 times (add more in cup). My pain and swelling since trying this has eased a lot within the past 20 minutes. I will do this every hour not only to kill the infection but to make it to work tomorrow -)

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big lee

This really did work thanks so much swelling went down n own I can look at my team play 49ers4life


this really did work thanks :)


I had tried so many things. This truly does work!!! Does not taste good at all but it worked fabulously!!!! Thanks so much for sharing!!!


Thank you for this suggestion. The releif was a blessing!

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