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I had BV for 4 months and tried so many things... At first I thought it was a yeast infection so I used the creams and took the tablet and it didn't work. I took baths in ACV and tea tree oil and that didn't work either. So then I figured out that it was BV and I started using Aci-jel, because I read that a lot of people had success with it. It made the symptoms better, but I still had BV. I had also taken acidophilus tablets and eaten greek yoghurt, neither of which helped.

So I was at my wit's end, because the strong smell would not go away, plus there was the itching, burning and swelling. What ended up working was taking acidophilus and folic acid. I noticed a huge difference after just one day and by day 3, I was cured. I can't believe it was so simple... There's no need to do anything crazy like insert garlic cloves into your vagina or any of that other invasive and uncomfortable stuff.

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Hi im going to try taking your advice with the tablets but I was wondering how you took them?


Did you take them orally or insert them vaginally?

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