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I put a dab of 'crest toothpaste' on my pimples before bed and when I wake up the next morning - its not gone but it did go down and the redness disppears totally.

Try it - it wont hurt!

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toothpaste in general helps a lot with the redness. the pimple may still be there, but it wont hurt as much


which type of toothpaste we shud put on the skin//i ve putted the clove nad pudina one


you also have to be careful about how often you use the toothpaste on pimples. The toothpaste really dries the skin out and if you use it too often it can actually make the problem worse causing more redness and really dry and painful skin


make sure its the paste kind and not the gel the gels don't work as good, well not to me anyway


This does not work! trust me! last night i put the toothpaste on my pimple and in the morning my pimple was even more red than before and my pimple got bigger. It was horrible!


DO NOT PUT TOOTHPASTE ON YOUR SKIN. A friend told me to do this once. I was desperate so I tried it. The pimple was on my cheek. When I woke up the next morning that whole side of my face was puffy and my eye was swollen shut. Went to the doc, I had given myself a deep chemical burn and it aggravated the infection. Trust me, Don't do it!

i hate acne

i dont think u guys should use the toothpaste with mint in it it should be all white cuz the mint will burn ur face ive tried it!!!! hope it works 4 ya!

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