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I have a great remedy for Urinary Tract and Bladder infections. First of all, I am no doctor, but I believe antibiotics are way over used, they take too long to work and they kill the body's natural flora, which depleats the immune system. If you use antiboitics make sure you take probiotics or eat lots of yogurt afterward to restore the immune system. I know of two remedies that work for UTI and bladder infections EVERY time. One is a product called D-Mannos. You can find it online. It's an all natural ingredient. A Pediatrician recommended it for my daughter when she had repeat UTI's as a child. It worked great but it's expensive. The remedy I use now exclusively, and have for years is simply Alka-Seltzer! That's right! Alka-Seltzer cures UTI and bladder infections QUICK and like nobody's business! This is my opinion and my personal experience. I'm not trying to practice medicine, I'm just telling you what has worked wonders for me and my family. The way it works is that the bacteria in the body that is causing the infection binds to one of the ingredients in Alka-Seltzer. The body begins to heal immediately. I just drink Alka-Seltzer twice a day for 3 days as soon as I start to have symptoms. I notice the pain starts to disappear not long after the first dose. I take it for 3 days to make sure it is completely gone so that it doesn't come back. Read the label and heed the warnings if you have high blood pressure, ect. Cranberry juice is beneficial as a preventative and will help eliminate a UTI but only the pure, raw kind that you get at a health food store and it is naturally bitter. The kind at the grocery store has a lot of sugar and is not good for you. Regardless of what you try, if it doesn't work or if you ar passing blood you should see a doctor because it could be something more than a simple UTI.

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The tablets or the liquid, does it matter?

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