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simple sol

Have read many of the comments and remedies here. This is not an ad but a testimony. Save a lot of time and anxiety and buy a Ryobi head lice comb. We did after our children, who are now grown up with children of their own, started coming home with the pest. After zapping the things with the comb keep free of them by spraying a tea tree oil /water solution BEFORE they go to school every day. Our comb has lasted for about 20 years. Makes them real cheap!

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Lucy please contact someone that can help you, I'm don't even know you and I'm worried about your safety. If you can give me your email address I will reach out to you and find you help. Please know your situation is not okay and its not safe, your mother should always feed you and should not allow you to be bullied or hungry or sad, ever.


Lucy, Hun where do u live? It's not right that ur mother is making u suffer like this..u need help getting rid of the bugs.. I can only imagine how bad they are and how bad they are making u suffer..u need to tell someone at school so they can help u..


Lucy I hope you get the help you need call childline 0800 1111 1111 and they will help or call the school and they will help with the head lice and your mummy


as this has been a while since you have posted. Hopefully you read this. Sweetheart where are you maybe I can figure out a way to even have a friend drop lice stuff off without your mom knowing. You do not deserve that kids are already mean enough. There are people who care. I'm going to give you my email address if you know how to email please email me and I'll do my best to help you sweetheart

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