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simple sol

Have read many of the comments and remedies here. This is not an ad but a testimony. Save a lot of time and anxiety and buy a Ryobi head lice comb. We did after our children, who are now grown up with children of their own, started coming home with the pest. After zapping the things with the comb keep free of them by spraying a tea tree oil /water solution BEFORE they go to school every day. Our comb has lasted for about 20 years. Makes them real cheap!

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my mom has givd up treeting my lice's :( I ca'nt stop scraching them and when I try to sleep its bad an she get very crazy wen I complane them and some times I get scard mum hurt herself agen an d when I get up in the morning ther are litell lumps of them on top of my hare even big lots in wun lump sumtime ten.and I get teesd for itat scool thay say is dirte and thay call me licey but my name is Lucy . so then mum she tell we ca'nt by more nit poisen or karoseen and told me thst she wil cut of all my herr if I keep complaneing for them. Wen I wak up then l tak the lise lumps in the morning soI put it on her herr brush and on her hed an I hope she get them bad and scrachy to bys the shampoo poysen now. I keepd a jar of them to show the help lady but mum she put them in the bin and got verry mad and she say they take me away if I show them and I realy realy hate the lices they make me all sad. I skwash them on the mirror to thay go pop and make her angry but still she say no to the shampoo and then she tell me I am derty I hope the lices in her hed get verry big and bad very scrachy. Is ther enything at home I can do too kill them I want them all to be ded mum her boy freind he say that if I put ants in my herr thay will eat this lices, but he say it larfing so I think it is teesing me annot be tru. Bad very bad lices I pop more now on the tabel :(((( plees plees help to tell how to i kill them
from Lucy


Hello Lucy, I don't know if you will check this because its been a few months but I hope your mother has gotten rid of them for you. I went through the same thing as a kid and its not right. I don't know what to advise you in your situation but your mother should have helped get rid of them a long time ago.I'm sure you know that. She is probably right that you would be taken away because what she is doing is a form of neglect. It sounds like she does not have money or is not spending it where it should be. I hope she figures it out that you should be better cared for because somebody will notice your scratching eventually and she will be questioned about it. It sounds like her boyfriend is just as careless. Really hope the best for you dear. Read some of the remedies here and I'm sure you will find atleast some relief but the only way to fully get rid of them is to wash all your bedding and brushes etc. AFTER you've treated your hair properly and used the NIT comb combing in small sections all over to get the eggs out. I don't know how old you are or where you are from but I am in Canada and if you are on a limited income, the treatments are covered. If not there is a cheaper treatment but it can be dangerous for kids and I don't recomend it though I know it is prett effective. Its called Lindane Shampoo. Its about ten bucks here I think but there are some nasty side effects if not done carefully. God bless and I hope somebody starts taking care of you the way you deserve. Sending my love.


Dear Lucy, i hope you get treatment for those pesky little invaders. If talking to your mom does not help, then you should talk to your school nurse. Kids making fun of you can have a negative impact on your life. If your mother does not care about these things, then i think you should take charge. Talking to your school nurse might help you greatly. Take care little one.


Thank you soooooo much for the replys for me i askd this same help at lots of plases and no body replys me somewere but heer.I never givd up looking for replys and very hapy to find this ones. I still hav the lices but it was badder before and not so bad now I am not so sad. becose mum she got the lices and her boy freind got them to so Mum she by the poysen and it comes with a littel nit comb. Mum she useing all the poysen for her hed and nun for me but and it did not work she stil has the lices I keepd the lice comb and I use it every day and so I get out lots of lices every day wich I am agen saving all in a jar harf full to show the help lady so I hav to keep the jar seecret . I wish mum wood help me with the nit comb to get morr out of my herr but she say no but one time she help me but then she goed to sleep and falled of the chere sumtime I am thinks that mum she is happy for me to hav the lices and she is a huge big lice I can't skwash and she go pop .and I go to new scool now and so they dont no about the lices so thay ar not teesing me new scool is good and I will see the nurse when scool starts agen but I am scard for mum she get angry and then maybe she hurt her self becose of me. I am sad that you went thruogh same lices Elizabeth how did you make the lices go away? My Mum she has no monys and I canot by the lindane so ar ther any stuffs at home that I can use I read heer to use oil with the nit comb but Mum she get very angri for me to use it she say no food for me if I wayst but her boy freind he not leting mum to hit me so wat els do I use? Big big thank you for the help to me
from Lucy
ps big big lots of thank you


I heard using Listerine all over the hair with a cap for about 2 hours or the same but with Vinegar for food, lice don't like strong smells...when you shower put conditioner and brush with lice comb


thank Angie I have viniger and so I hope it kills the lices what is the listerin? scool is soon starting an I want the lices to be all ded so this is my new scool and I am scard thay see lices and call my licey like at my ferst scool from Lucy


BEST invention EVER .. Robicomb .. they still make them! About $20 and an AA battery. I bought mine after round #4 of daughter's head lice 4-5 years ago. Last night I find (at age 14) she has them again (apparently from trying on hats at the mall as far as I can figure) and my Robicomb still works! Run it through all of your hair (section so you get all of the roots) twice a day. Also rinsed with listerine regularly to keep them off :)


Hi Lucy.
Have you started school yet? If you're still struggling with your nits, let me know. Perhaps as an adult I can make sone phone calls and get you the help you need.


So I tryd the viniger I use the hole bottel and mom she get verry mad and she say if I wayst foods agen she will not feed me so now the lices thay have got verry bad agen and at my new school thay see them an teesing me agen thay calling me ichyscrachy becouse I scrach my hed. The lices thay hurt my sleep and agen now and wen I wake up ther are littel lumps of meny lices on top of my herr it is like ten lices all in one lump. So I keep them and the lices I take with the nit comb and keeping them in jar nearly full for to show the help lady and mom she find the jar one time agen and she smash it and she tell me the help lady she take me too a bad plase if I show her the lices jar and mom I scard she hurt hur self if the help lady tayk me. so I think mom she like for me to hav the lices scrachy and for too yeers now the lices they make me so sad and my mom her boy frend he keep to tell me bad ways to kill the lices when I complane for them like he say put hed in fire an bern the lices or he agen lafing say get the ants to put in my hed and thay will eat the lices and I now he is telling me rong so but he is still good for he not let mom to hit me but I need the lices all ded the viniger it not kill them please tell what is the listerin please tell how I make them all ded lices. Plese help for to tell how i make them all ded lices. From sad Lucy


Lucy you need to go to an adult at your school and let then know what is going on the help lady may be able to help you get treatment for the lice also olive oil and baby oil will smother them and make it easier for the eggs to fall out

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