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I'm 19 and am having my first OB. I didn't know what was wrong with me. I got my period on Sunday morning and Monday was when I noticed that something wasn't right. I had a blister on my clitoris. It got worse each day since. Today is the most painful. I went to the doctor and she told me I had herpes. But its too early to do a blood test or a swab to see what kind of herpes. (Oral or genital). It hurts to sit it Hurst to walk. It hurts to have my legs close together. I've been reading on here things I can do. I just took a hot bath with Epsom salt. Blow dried myself and tried baking soda. That hurt like hell so I only did one side. It doesn't hurt anymore and I can actually feel the difference. One side is throbbing and the other isnt. My doctor prescribed me the Z pill. (I forgot what its called) and she also gave me yeast infection pills due to some cracking that I had down there I guess. I've never had herpes before and I've never had a yeast infection. Today has been hell and I feel bad for everyone that has to go through this pain!! I'm just curious if anyone has any other good methods to either numb it or make the OB go away. I hope I only have to deal with this one time. I've read some of you get it each time you get your period. Which is when I got mine. Praying its not like this every month! Comments much appreciated!

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I was diagnosed 10 days ago. Extremely bad initial outbreak. I've been doing Epsom salt baths. It relieves a little and I use the diaper rash cream to help with itching. Don't itch you can get an outbreak on an outbreak. But I'm going to try polysporin.


Hi try not to stress out hopefully will not come every month after your period for my period I get itchy but not a full outbreak but I have recently tried taking my birth control pills in a row having periods only every 3 months just skiop the day with 7 brown pills this has really helped me:)


Using a small wad of toilet paper helps prevent the spreading one the blisters burst. I have had an OB a 8 times since May. Haven't really found anything that prevents OB's. I have an appointment with my doctor at he end of this month to talk about birth control and daily medication.

Praying for a cure!!!


Sorry you got this affliction. I got it six years ago. It doesn't have to be as bad as some people get it. I had two OB in the first year, then not again for another five years. I'm in perimenopause, so I started an herbal supplement to help balance my hormones, and I guess that upset everything in my body, which prompted an OB. It's not as horrible as you might initially think, it's worst on your mental outlook, than the physical limitations. I have been with my husband for five years and he has never seen a sign of it on his body, but we don't have sex when I have an OB. So it doesn't have to have an adverse effect on your relationships.


I just started some kind of pill also that works for pre mental pause as well and also just had a BO after not having one for a very, very long time. You must be right about this... I was wondering what prompted this BO, I was blaming the couple glasses of wine that I went over on my limit of 4...that is IF I even drink, I found drinking will lower immune system there for cause a BO. There a tip for all the people just learning to control and live with this.

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