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What works on a Canadian flea may not work with an Australian or Floridian flea. It's safe to assume anyone reading this thread has a ready supply of live fleas. So I propose a little experiment before applying any of the recommended substances to your pet. Drop a few live fleas into each prospective solution and see how long they live. Here are my results. Dawn 2 seconds, garlic oil 5 seconds, Adams flea mist 15 seconds, vinegar still struggling to escape as I write this.

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This is a great idea! I just read a couple articles suggesting that boiled water with lemon slices will repel and kill fleas. They're still running around on my dog. I have a little container I'm dipping the comb into and brushing the dogs. The little buggers are doing backflips, synchronized swimming routines and thumbing their little noses at me so Floridian fleas love boiled lemon water. They also seem to like Apple Cider Vinegar, White vinegar, cedarwood oil, lavender oil, and leomongrass oil. If my dog wasn't pregnant, I'd be using napalm

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