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I know what your feeling. Ashamed, embarrassed, dirty. I know what your thinking... How will I tell my partner? Should I tell them? What am I going to do with my life?? Well I want to let you know that after being diagnosed 10 yrs ago, I can say that it gets better. The first year was the worst outbreaks. I had 2 maybe 3. In retrospect I think what made them feel worse was the shock of not knowing what it was. After that I went about a year and had a small ob. 7 years since that ob I can truly say I can't remember having an ob until now. My sex life has not changed, I just took a break from sex when a ob occurs. Just Like u would if a woman were on her cycle.
My remedy is hydrogenporoxide either when the tingling occurs or when the bumps appear. Apply an ice pack to the area at night while u sleep. You'll see a difference over night. If ur experiencing back pain, apply ice there too. The virus likes to settle at the base of your spine and lie dormant. Ice literally keeps the virus on ice! Finally I was prescribed valtrex 10 yrs ago. During my initial ob I took it everyday. But once they healed I completely stopped taking the meds all together. Sometimes when I would feel a tingling sensation id take one but I have a bottle of 10 yr old valtrex in my cabinet that still has over half the pills in it. For my current ob I did the same remedy and the doctor prescribed valacyclovir or valtrex. The area is clearing up on the 3rd day. Continue to educate yourself about the condition and read stories of everyday people. Even I was encouraged by a recent post on here. And don't forget to pray. I truly believe God has helped me through all these years. He doesn't see the stigmas that society places on people with GH. He just blesses!

Pray this helps. I'm with ya !

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Libra Girl

Thank you for this. I am currently having my first outbreak, was totally bewildered and when I did some research and read up on it, I just totally broke down. I feel like my life is over. I'm still trying to deal with this; the excruciating pain, the fact that there is no cure for this, this is like a curse for life. I've been crying non stop but I know I gotta pick up the pieces of my life and move on. And not let this defeat me. I've still my dreams and hopes to fulfill, I still want to be a fitness trainer and I will not let it stop me. I can only pray that God will continue to give me the strength to deal with this from now onwards. I don't dare to let anyone know, because I'm Chinese and the Asian society can be unforgiving and condemning. I will just have to deal with this by myself.


God isn't real. Actually deal with and face your problems instead of praying, you will then see 'miracles' happen.


Was just recently diagnosed with GH and I've been emotionally devastated but reading all these posts has made me feel a little better.. Seems the first outbreak and the shock of being told you have it is the worst.. Just pray it gets better. My boyfriend has been an angel and loves me even though I'm going through this..I have been prescribed valtrex just started taking it.. will keep you posted on my experience.. Cold ice packs wrapped in a towel has helped me with the pain!! Thank goodness for the internet and everyone else sharing their stories helps to have others!!


Thank you for posting this! I'm getting peroxide and have been using Manuka honey for 4 days.

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