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I have been getting boils on my business for a while now I think since I begun shaving today is Thursday and I've had it for three days now I just applied some Colgate toothpaste about a minute ago so I'll inform you of my progress in the am but I do feel something don't no what yet

Also I made an appointment with ideal image laser hair removal so I'll no longer have to endure this unfortunate painful situation

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Turmeric and castor oil opens it up I'm so happy!!!


I have had a severe large abscess on my upper leg by the knee brewing for about a week and now can hardly walk. Been on antibiotics for few days with no improvement. Just tried the onion thing for a few minutes then I am now in bed with a hot flannel with betadine and toothpaste mixed on the flannel. Hoping it bursts. Let you know if any success

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