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So I always come on these sites looking for something new that will help this agonizing pain. Sometimes just taking some aspirin and reading the posts help but tonight nothing was working so I tried warm salt water and lightly chewing on fresh garlic. It immediately helped. I don't know exactly what's causing my pain just that it's my molar on top and I'm a poor college student who can't afford to go to the dentist. Hope this helps someone.

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hai i'm subash your medicine helps me thank you


Thank you so much for the helpful idea it really did help with the pain

Anna banana

Omg thank you so so so much for that garlic idea. I tried salt water and baking soda which didn't work a bit. I took pills like crazy. But I just happened to try the garlic. I have in my mouth as i speak and asap it works. Bless you


Thnaks I got relief by chewing garlic


Okay, so how long did you chew garlic for before you spit it out?
Also how long did the relief last? I'm desperate. Just tried a garlic slice. Wasn't crushed, but it did of course break apart when I was chewing on it; but couldn't leave it in that long.

Don't really notice a difference yet.


Crushed garlic and salt water works like wonder. Thank you so much.

poor college male

I was sceptal at first, but I tried it and it subsited the pain enough to get back to sleep...


I had the Worst Toothache Ever.
This is Miserable complete Hell!

I was desperate to Extract my own tooth
but had 3 failed attempts.

Heard that Garlic did the Job but i sounded to good to be true so i tried it.
It Burned 50X more than Mouth wash
and than I went and applied Wasabi
green paste inside tooth which that didnt burn at all... I think it didnt burn cause the Peice of Garlic killed the Bacteria.
The Garlic Did the Job!
Cant believe it... I can finnally go
Better hurry Incase the pain Creeps back up on me...idk?
Will be getting Anti-biotics.
Heard that does the job well for pain cause it kills Bacteria.
BUt, Dam Dentist are so expensive.

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