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My granddaughter at age 5 recently experienced frequent painful urinating and I knew that she is having or starting a UTI. We immediately gve her 2 Tablespoons of Virgin Coconut Oil and also apply some coconut oil directly in her uterine tract entrance. In just less than 15 minutes, she already experienced comfort and she already stopped her frequent urination. After another 2 hours, we added another 2 Tablespoons of Virgin Coconut Oil in her ice cream and she loved it because of its crunchy texture. Her discomfort and frequent urination totally stopped that she no longer had to see their doctor anymore. I recommend the Virgin Coconut Oil by Teopical Traditions. It is not the same as the refined coconut oil being sold in stores that is labelled as 'virgin' as well.

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This did not work for me


Thank you so much. It worked for me!


Trying this now I had a bladder infection 3 weeks ago and now another one. It burns and so painful. Not to mention feeling of pressure and living in the bathroom I hope this works. Thank you


This worked for me the next morning I woke up I was not in pain. Thanks sooo much????

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