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I have had bv for a long time and I tried all of the remedies that I read about...hydrogen peroxide, boric acid, tea tree oil, garlic, and every other product the vitamin store had to offer. In reading the labels of what I bought, a common theme was enzymes. I did my homework and found that some digestive enzymes are able to kill and digest fungal cells. It was that simple...taking digestive enzymes. They can be found in the same area as the probiotics at the vitamin store. Make sure that cellulase and hemicellulase are in the list of enzymes included. It takes a pretty high dose so buy the bottle that gives the largest dosage. I still take two caps in am and pm. Be sure to take on an empty stomach otherwise the enzymes will only work to digest your food. Immediately with the first dose the discharge decreased. After about two days I began to have a large amount of discharge that smelled awful. Please try this on the weekend if possible due to the smell. The sloughing lasted about two days and since then no more fishy smell and no more discharge. The skin around my perineum even dried up and peeled off which means it was on the outside as well. Jesus blessed me with a simple solution...enzymes! I hope to be a blessing to you.

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I just started enzymes to see if they would help and then found your many days would you say it took until it helped the odor? Also, the pills make me very nauseous...did you have any side effects and if so did they go away? Thanks for sharing.


That's awesome because I was given the idea of using my enzymes at bedtime to kill of the BV, but I hadn't taken them in that way yet. I've been taking enzymes before I eat. Also, since you gave God the glory, He said taking enzymes this way also helps with Candida overgrowth and maintenance of Candida and Bv.


Hi, I know it's been a while since you posted this but can you tell me what brand you used? And are they sell working for you? I pray that they are.thanks


Bv is a form of a Biofilm bacteria infection. So yes, a good guy enzymes or Biofilm defense supplement with a probiotic should do the job... just started, wish me luck!

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