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I'm a 48 year old woman. I had my first outbreak over 20 yrs ago when I was about 23. Then no more outbreaks until a year ago, Now I've had around 4 outbreaks this past year alone! At first ithought perhaps my boyfriend unkmowingly has it snd was triggering my outbreaks but my obgyn says that's unlikely. He has never had symptoms and believes he doesn't have it.He thinks when he went to his doc and told them to test for 'everything' that they tested for genital herpes too but I think that's a special test that must specifically requested. Am I right?

Anyway I don't understand why my outbreaks last so long. At least a month to 6 eeeks each time. And thats with taking Valtrex twice a day. My doc prescribes 30 pills at a time for me now. I'm so so itchy!! I can't help but scratch the sores open and then it still itches! The only thing that temporarily relieves the itch is baking soda but it doesn't seem to help heal it. I've even applied nail polish remover to help dry it and relieve the itching but it doesnt seem to help. I tried Lysol wipes after I read that suggestion on here but it didn't help at all.

Any suggestions? Has anyone else gone over 20 years without an outbreak and then have the outbreaks start coming all the time?

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could be hormonal changes.
Try Herbistat. lots of natural herbs to improve your immune system. The virus increases, when immune is down & stress is up. that's what I've been reading.


I'm a 40yr women who got it in my earlier 20's and the outbreaks were minimal to none for years. I ate and drank what I wanted had kids had stress and for years I even thought I was cured or that this disease wasn't so bad. Well I've now been suffering for at least a year and a half with ob one after another with only a few days to only one day good in between. It's been awful to say the least. I tried this stuff called lauricidin and was taking 2 scoops twice a day and it worked for 3 months but the ob returned. I still take it for now because the ob were so bad I'm afraid it'll be like that again. $24 Right now I just changed my whole diet to the whole high lysine foods only. It's been 2 weeks and I'm still not having relief.(I did lose 10lbs. :) I keep praying and searching for new things to try that won't break my budget. The lauricidine was the most expensive thing I got and I'm gonna take a chance and stop taking it since it stopped working unless it comes back like it was before super bad ob. Idk maybe it does have to do with getting older and hormones. I've read another person I think on this site with kinda the same story as us. I wish I had more answers. I'll keep trying I don't have a choice this disease is ruining my life right now. Goodluck to you.


Try to build your immune system ... That's where your issue starts. Take vitamin c , vitamin d, zinc, b12, and drink plenty water.... Change your diet... And no liquor. That really trigger ob.


I have just been reading about this as I have just recently got it too. I've read that olive leaf extract is meant to help and builds the immune system and the stronger the better


I am 55 and have had the same experience. After my initial outbreak, I did not have one for 20 years when I was under a great deal of stress, I took Valtrex and it cleared up quickly. Then I didn't have another outbreak for four years (again when I was majorly stressed). Now I have had outbreaks every few months whether I am stressed or not. I eat a very healthy diet, work out regularly and don't drink of smoke. It is reassuring to hear that other women seem to be in the same both although it is frustrating because there doesn't seem to be anything I can do to control them. Fortunately, I can tell when they are about to happen -- extreme fatigue and a tingling feeling, so I've been taking the prescription. I don't get blisters, just tears in my skin. I don't want to have to go on a maintenance dose of meds. I use tea tree oil and take lysine every day. Any other suggestions from anyone?


l-lycine 1000 mg must pair with vit c 1000 mg 4 time a day will help. you will feel itching before the outbreak start taking then. this will reduce the severity of the occurence. stay away from seeds ect, flaxseed nuts ect


l-lycine 1000 mg must pair with vit c 1000 mg 4 time a day will help. you will feel itching before the outbreak start taking then. this will reduce the severity of the occurence. stay away from seeds ect, flaxseed nuts ect stay away from foods that contain arginine


I had my first outbreak at 28. I am now 76. Up until last year I would have an outbreak every 6 or 7 years. I pimple that would last a week or so. Last year my Doc started me on hormone replacement therapy. I immediately went into an eight month long outbreak. Since then it has been a continuous battle. Hormones have a lot to do with it.


Dude, you used lysol wipes? I'm sorry but youre dumb. You're supposed to use LYSINE! Not lysol. Jesus save us all.

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