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I suffered from BV for 2 - 3 years and after all of the Drs visits, over the counter remedies and prescriptions that did not work I came upon this site. Thank God!!! One simple remedy worked; I got some organic Greek plain yogurt and dipped a tampon in it and inserted it and slept with it overnight. Worked the first night, amazing!! Repeat if necessary. The other thing I dont do anymore is wash the vagina with soap, use water only. Of course use soap in the buttocks area, but not the vagina. It's been over a year and I'm still doing great, thank God!!!!

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Out of curiosity have you had to repeat the treatment? Did you only dip the tampon in yogurt one time? I have suffered with bv for over 10 years and I'm desperate for a method that actually works.


This home remedy gave me a bladder infection and really messed me up. I used organic goat's milk yogurt with live cultures. Use caution.


In response to washing the vagina with water only, a few things. Although the vagina self cleans itself, the vulva and surrounding skin will not be clean enough with just water, especially if you're sexually active. Bacteria will build up, little twinges or minor itching can occur. I no longer use soap but sea salt in a squeeze bottle with warm water. Sea salt is possibly the best item that can be used to clean effectively.

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