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i got diagnosed with genital herpes on my 23rd birthday... Happy birthday to me! My first 6 months were hell! I had an outbreak every 2-3 weeks.... My doctor finally put me on acyclovir. It saved me! Since going on it I only had 3 outbreaks. I also started taking 3000 mg lysine a day. Anytime I get a tingling sensation I started to put lysine ointment on and I never got any sores. I just started an outbreak a week ago. First one in 7 months. The longest time I've went without one! I've started doubling my lysine intake, b12 intake, vitamin C intake, and my acyclovir. It's day 7 of my outbreak and it's almost done. I've been taking strong Epsom salt baths as many times a day as I can. Been going camando as much as possible. I've also been putting caramex and wiping with witch hazel and clearasil pads. Stings like a b but works at drying them out. I hope this helps someone and know that life isn't over!

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