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It's taken about a month of treatment, but now they're pretty much nonexsistant. I'm female and I first realised I had warts before going to a rainbow gathering, which meant I would be in an unhygienic enviroment for a while. Before leaving, I slept with a teatree soaked tissue in between my lips for a couple of nights. I didn't dilute the teatree at all, so after a couple of nights of this I was too soar to continue. I was at the rainbow for 10 days with no treatment and when I got back to civilisation, I had a look and already they were less than when I'd first noticed them.

I still didn't nothing to treat them for a couple more weeks, other than a little teatree now and again. I'm traveling and teatree is what I have with me, so I would use it when I could, but I also read they would go away on their own, so I wasn't too worried.

When I got to a place I knew I was going to stay at for a while I did some more reasearch on herbal remadies and found one on here using BANANA SKINS.

I tried using apple cider vinegar a few times but it hurt more than it was worth and made them bleed, which made me worry that they might spread.

Every night (other than a few nights when I was bleeding) I have been cutting up bits of banana skin and placing them on my warts. I also stuck some bits inside, just incase I have any in there too. I've also been eating around three cloves of RAW GARLIC a day.

During the day, I've been smoothering my vag in TEATREE diluted in almond oil, about a 4/5 almond to 1/5 teatree.

I also somtimes put a few drops of this mixture onto the banana skin (white side, the side you place on your warts) and wear it during the day, if I'm not moving around much.

This is a much less painfull method, which doesn't take too long really. I'm going to continue this treatment for a week after there's no warts left, just to make sure.

Summery (for all you skim readers)

BANANA SKIN - over the warts every night
4/5 ALMONDS OIL 1/5 TEATREE - during the day treatment

I hope this helps you too :)

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I had 2 outbreaks this year and both times my doctor gave me Aldara which are very expensive. This 3rd time I noticed that it was worst than before and spreading plus they came back as soon as I finished with the medication. They are really small sachets so I never have any left. I've been using Apple Cider Vinegar for over a month now and it burns a lot. I can bear the pain but they turn white & I don't see much positive results. I'm trying not to stress because I hear that it can make them worst. I can't afford a 3rd box of Aldara, it makes no sense if its only gonna provide temporary relief or healing. I don't knw what else to do, Ive heard of using banana skins, tea tree oil & now garlic. I use condoms, I try to remember to take my Centrum Performance and they 1st came up on my outside of where the condom covers. I'm gonna try this though because they're ugly and depressing


If you are not having an outbreak are you still contagious for sex without a condom?

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