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I tried creams, sprays, epsom salt soaks, sea salt soaks, dead sea salt soaks, coconut oil, overnight vaseline wraps, Vapor-rub... nothing had the slightest effect (except soaking took off the thick crust of dead skin that made walking hurt- mine was on the bottom of my foot), and under the dead skin was bright red and raw, with weeping blisters.

Finally I tried soaking in a strong solution of apple cider vinegar and hot water. That finally made a difference and made it start to look and feel better, but after several days it seemed to stop making progress. It wasn't nearly as angry anymore but the vinegar seemed to just be keeping it at bay and slowing the appearance of new blisters rather than getting it to start healing.

Finally I read an 'old wives' suggestion about rubbing a spent menthol cigarette butt on it; supposedly the nicotine will kill the fungus and the menthol is soothing. I didn't have one (and had switched to e-cig vaping so I wasn't going to get one), but I realized ... if it was the nicotine that was killing it, then the nicotine fluid you put in a e-cig should work, right? I mixed some of my 18mg nicotine fluid with a couple tablespoons of vapor rub, and threw in a couple of teaspoons worth of coconut oil just for 'flavor' ;-)... then put a huge blob of that mixture on the spot and wrapped it in plastic for the night. The next morning I was amazed at how much better it looked. I have continued this routine and it has continued to fade... first a hot water and apple cider vinegar bath, then a vapor-rub mixed with nicotine fluid wrap at night. I rub some nicotine fluid on it during the day straight like you would a cream as well. Be warned though, that the fluid actually makes it itch more for a while (rather than burn like the other remedies). I couldn't believe such a thing would finally get it to start healing after months of trying every other suggestion I could find... but it works! You can now buy the fluid in most shops where you'd buy cigarettes. They sell it in higher concentrations but 18mg seems to be working okay for now. I augment by spraying shoes with Lysol and using regular anti-fungal spray in the mornings as well, just to cover the bases and make sure it doesn't spread.

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