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Get a old tee shirt and cut it in strips aand tie knots then dip it in moonshine just enough to wet the knot and let baby chew on son chewed on it..he is feeling better And not crying or nothing

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They need to take the baby from you!! That's outragious!


My grandma rubbed whisky on our gums for theeting and tooth pain, also made us honey tea lemon and whisky cough med that worked great .we all survived.


No wonder your LO was calm u gave him moonshine...that's ridiculous! !!!!

Mother T

Omg. You survived but are definitely not smarter
From it. Times have changed and we have learned more. Moonshine? Are you serious?! Ridiculous.


I really hope that was a joke????


Calm down my parents did it with me and I turn out with an amazing life, as long as your not pouring it in there bottle. Patting there gum so they're not in pain won't damage them letting the drink it could

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