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Bruce the Moose

First kidney stone cost me $20,000, of which $9,500 was just for the lithotripsy. Had another bout of it this week, and decided to try a remedy. I used equal parts of lemon juice, olive oil, and apple cider vinegar (2 Tablespoons each) and drank before bedtime. By morning, I had no pain, and felt great! Decided to drink it a couple more times to get the full benefit of the detox/cleanse. Was skeptical at first, but now highly recommend this.

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WOW! WORKED! Thank you so much. I mixed 2 tablespoons of each. Fresh squeezed lemon, olive oil and (briggs) Apple cider Vinegar. Im sure you could use bottled lemon juice and any brand ACV but I had these things. I drank it down and WOOHOO I could barely catch my breath! I started feeling better within an hour. Then about 3-4 hours later I decided to take it one more time. All pain left me, I never felt myself pass anything (jelly-like blob or anything) Just no more pain. That was about 3 weeks ago. Thanks again


OH my gosh , I want to try this. how many tablespoons of each ?


Did this work for you too ?

minori kushieda

oh my god!i've never know that!


I am really surprised and shocked that this message from Dr Rick inviting peopel to sell a kidney has been allowed on this site! Totally incredible and very dangerous!


Hi, thanks for the info. How often do you drink the mixture?

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