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had extreme pain for hours over a saturday evening- 6-10 and no relief from paracetamol. Tried 2 codeine + Paracetamol, brushing my teeth(gently of course), antiseptic mouth wash 2x, flossing, mouth wash again and then clove oil and perfect. Sounds weird but for me it really worked, in that sequence mind you, at the same time. Seperately it didn't really help last time. Not even sure it was a placebo effect either hahaha XD

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I've been having toothache but it doesn't seem to go I've had it ages and I tried everything hot water bottle wheat bag and other things that can cure it but it don't work I've been in sooo much pain but when I went doctors today I found out that I've got an infection for eating too many sugary sweets oops :) but it's killing me ain't been sleeping as well!

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