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I am here for those in severe pain I have the worst tooth pain ever to the point where I'm hobbled over crying here's what I did I took baking soda and packed it around my tooth and a lid full of apple cider vinegar and poured it over the area and my pain is instantly gone

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Diana Woods

Keep this in your pantry in a cool place. Go to CALVETSUPPLY.COM (Fish Mox Forte 100 ct 500mg ea Amoxcillin) its usually $24.00.

Its wonderful for infections for teeth as I keep a bottle for my family, when low I order a new one.

Now, read what preppers are using for different infections.

Good luck ????


I just used apple cider vinegar alone and that kicked the ache I had that was going for almost a whole week. I usually oil pull with some tea tree or peppermint oil or both but I ran out. So I tried this and was very happy to see the pain was gone almost immediately. I’m going to try oil pulling more regularly and drinking acv on a regular basis. I have a feeling if it’s that good just on my tooth it must work wonders throughout the body if you drink it.

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