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I am here for those in severe pain I have the worst tooth pain ever to the point where I'm hobbled over crying here's what I did I took baking soda and packed it around my tooth and a lid full of apple cider vinegar and poured it over the area and my pain is instantly gone

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Had a toothache and stale breath for years, on

and off.

Used bicarbonate of soda mixed with coconut oil to brush my teeth, with a soft tooth brush. The coconut oil reduced the harshness of the bicarbonate of soda.

Had instant relief of pain and instant fresh breath.

Goodbye toothpaste. Tried many over the years and none had that effect.


I'm in mf terrible pain!!! I'm very scared of the taste of this method...but if it works..I probably will fall asleep and not be able to thank you...hence all the comments of how good it works!!

Now the real question is...should I go to dental become an emergency and weekend only dentist?!! Wtf?! They do not exist where i live!! Not cool!! Thats hell out here...most are only open 4 days a week!


Made a paste with baking powderand water and it stopped my severe toothache instantly, worked like magic


Made a paste with baking powder

and water and it stopped my severe toothache instantly, worked like magic



The most common problem with toothache is the pain that is worsens at night. Toothache is more likely to get worse during night when you lie down or try to sleep.

Why toothache gets worse at night?

Toothache that gets worse at night may be due to several tooth or dental problems. Sinuses can result in dull throbbing tooth pain especially at night. This is due to trapped mucous on lying down thus, severe toothache.

Toothache can worsen at night because when you lay down horizontally on your bed the blood rushes more rapidly to your head and thus, exerting more pressure on the sensitive tooth. When the head is placed lower than the body the blood will be more in that area and thus, the lowered area starts to make a throbbing pain. Moreover, one may experience mild toothache during the day because one may be busy doing daily activities and works. This can make them forget about the toothache. On reverse, during the night one is relaxed and is not concentrated on other work, hence, toothache can be felt more intensely.

What to do for a toothache that gets worse at night?

One can do the following remedies to alleviate toothache at night-

Before sleeping, rinse the mouth by sipping some whisky and spitting it out. This may help you to have pain free sleep.

Stacked food particles in the teeth can also lead to toothache at night. So, flossing can help in removing any clogged foods.

Rinsing the mouth with warm salt water after food and before going to bed can help in reducing bacteria causing toothache.

Toothache that gets worse at night can be relieved by applying cold ice pack compress on the outside of the pain area. Ne can use raw ice cubes or soak a cloth in ice chill water and place it over the affected toothache externally.

Clove can also help in alleviating toothache that gets worse at night. Apply few drops of clove oil on the gums or dip a cotton ball in clove oil and insert it on the toothache. It would numb the tooth pain and provide relieve to sleep without pain.

The best thing to do is elevate the head by bundling two to three pillows under your neck.

In case the toothache is due to abscessed tooth, then mix salt and baking soda equally, pat cotton in water and then dip it in the powder. Place the cotton in between cheek and teeth and not directly inside the tooth. One can leave a cotton ball overnight; this would relieve toothache and pressure.

If the pain does not reduce in any case, take a painkiller such as acetaminophen or aspirin.

Take an appointment to see a dentist and find out the cause of your toothache. this will help in eliminating the toothache permanently.

day day

Had to do it 2xs back to back... WHEW THANK God for u sharing this remedy.. ive taken Bc which usually work and absersol.. now im going to make me a travel size????????


How long does the pain subside? I've tried using ACV as a ride for the pained area but it only lasts about 2 hours or so. I don't mind doing it again except I know the acid is killing the enamel. It feels like a nerve pain and I haven't slept in about a week!


Ok it's 2am and im boo whooing to my boyfriend I go n the kitchen mix up warm salt water grab peroxide and apple cider vinger gargle for about 20 seconds and repeat 3 time before I knew it my pain was gone in a blink of a eye I love u guys Thanks alor

Sleepless in Chicago

I kept waking up to pain throughout the night until I read about your quick fix and it really worked! I can't believe it! This pain bright me to my knees and even Aleve want helping much but apple cider vinegar and baking soda is it!

Diana Woods

Keep this in your pantry in a cool place. Go to CALVETSUPPLY.COM (Fish Mox Forte 100 ct 500mg ea Amoxcillin) its usually $24.00.

Its wonderful for infections for teeth as I keep a bottle for my family, when low I order a new one.

Now, read what preppers are using for different infections.

Good luck ????

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