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I am here for those in severe pain I have the worst tooth pain ever to the point where I'm hobbled over crying here's what I did I took baking soda and packed it around my tooth and a lid full of apple cider vinegar and poured it over the area and my pain is instantly gone

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Wow. I have a tooth where a small portion of my filling broke off a root canal on the side, and I think stuff started getting beneath it. I have been in great pain which started with an ear ache, I think it has swollen up part of my jaw, and now after doing this what I thought was ridiculous, I am feeling relief and I can hear a tad out of my ear! I think its helping with the swelling. Thank you so much. Urgent care is tomorrow to see if it is the tooth thats causing my ear ache which I believe it is. Thank you again. I have been popping pain pills and have been really scared of keeping that up.


Me and my husband had teeth pulled the same day, mine was broken off to the gum, she wasn't gentle getting it out, everytime she got a hold of it it would break off. So she pried it out, OMG, I felt that, so now the BONE is killing me and has infection on the top, I have tried everything in this house. The one thing I forgot about was GARLIQUE. My husband was eating them like candy and it worked. So I just took two, no sleep since this started hell ya I need relief. Its the weekend she's not in her office .....Pray this works.


I was in horrible pain and did the baking soda and vinegar. .and it instantly stopped..thank you so much!


Thank you so much for posting this remedy for toothache pain. Amazingly stumped. But IT WORKED! I was in sever pain an had even taken a Norco pain pill an drank a beer. So not me! Ever! But I was desperate. I was in so much pain I was crying n almost about to pass out. Thank you thank you thank you!


My daughter had a horrible toothache. I looked in her mouth and found a big cavity in one of her molars. She was crying and in terrible pain. I packed baking soda inside the tooth, then used a small spoon and dumped alittle bit of apple cider vinegar over it. I let it sit for a few minutes. She cried about the bad taste in her mouth but said the pain was better. I then had her rinse her mouth with water, I dried the area with a kitchen towel and then filled the cavity with a little bit of superglue. I held her mouth open to let it dry. This completely cured the pain and she was able to go to sleep.

11 wk. Pregnant Wife w/ 3 little boys

Thank you now I can get some rest!!!!! Used the baking soda and Bragg's Apple cider remedy. This Pain only seems to be this bad at bed time when I'm laying down.


Didn't hv apple cider vinegar, so I used plain OL white vinegar (straight up nasty) but I did get some relief. Make baking soda a lil wet so u can pack it really around the tooth that is in pain. Poured about 1/2 teas vinegar and let it fizzle out all over the place, lol!! Do not rinse ur mouth after!!! It's gross, but longer relief.... In my case anyway.... This pain is the worst. Good luck to all my toothache friends in getting some RELIEF!!!

Holly D.

Thank you so much. My mom was crying from the pain her broken tooth was causing. She is now asleep with a hot compress. She didn't wash out her mouth afterwards cause they said it caused the pain to come back. Thanks again!!


just tried this and it only made pain worse!


Unbelievable, but the baking soda and apple cider vinegar works! Just witnessed my husband, go from excruciating pain to almost no pain after using the concoction. It worked!

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