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OK. I have a partial for 4 teeth in the center-top of my mouth. I have an abscessed tooth right next to the partial and think its not cracked, but food gets in between the partial and the tooth that Im having a problem with. I went to the dentist in June and said they would like to pull the tooth. The abscess popped and I lived with the slight pain for a few months. Now its killing me and I dont want to have that tooth pulled because I will need to get another partial. (1600 bucks). Now Im ready to try the garlic glove thing that Im reading about. I will let you know if it works, since I read that garlic works on bad bactria. The abscess covers around the whole tooth. Its hard to put the partial on, as it squeezes the puss and makes it throb. I have the partial out and getting ready to put garlic on it. I believe this will work because I think the tooth is not cracked. Just bad hygiene. I eat late at night and food must have been stuck between teeth. Im thinking about getting all my uppers removed for a denture. All my teeth are ok on the bottom. wish me luck!!

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