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ok for head lice it simple. first, rub olive oil into the head all the way to the roots, a lot. wrap hair in seran wrap for a couple of hours. the comb leaving the oil in. shower, comb, and shampoo.the oil makes the hair slick so the eggs and bugs come out easily. wash hair.

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THIS IS NOT SIMPLE IF YOU HAVE A BAD INFESTATION. I'm single, live alone, aged 41, and don't know how I got lice. I spent hundreds of dollars and 4 months battling lice. I bought Lice Away compounds from the pharmacy and thought I was clear because I also combed a lot with a lice comb. Surprisingly this didn't work. Then I began using hair gels, hair glues, baby oil gel, and then olive oil. I lost a lot of hair. I finally found a tiny flea comb. Even so, nymphs kept hatching later on! Luckily I read this site and used Listerine and vinegar several times because I'm so paranoid about it coming back. YES, I did the lice bedding sprays, good vacuuming, hot water washing, and even pillows in the dryer for 20 minutes. Olive oil was good while sitting at my desk and had to rub a little on itchy sores. So far I feel lice free.


UPDATE to my previous ocmment: Yeah, the listerine and vinegar DID NOT WORK. If something does then I'll let you know.

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