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pain like no other

I came to this page last night was in so much pain and everyone in my house was asleep!! Thank you Thank you everyone for the remedies. I did the warm water/salt but what really work was the Vicks Vapor rub on the outside of my jaw! I was glad to have this page!

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I tryed the vapor rub to it went straight to work and the pain stopped iv been in pain for awhile now I have a nerve that's sticking out of my tooth that broke and this helped a lot thanks


1 cup warm water 4 table spoons salt and leave in your mouth 1 minute spit out and repeat till cup is empty and your good for 24 hours!!.:)

Ready to pull out his tooth out!!!!!

Pain from Outta this world came upon my husband and he is sooo selfish that anything I said or tried to help him with he became this demon from Hell!!! Until I looked up this web page n seen other peoples comments!! I found some vap rub n rubbed it all over his face where his pain was n so far he has calmed down!!! Thank you thank you thank you!!! Now I can sleep peacefully!!! Luv, Q


I have a broken tooth with an exposed never. It has been hurting for a little over a week now. I came across this post and saw the vicks vapor rub suggestion. I thought no way, how I'm the world would that stop a toothache. So just to see if it would work, the next time my tooth flared up, I rubbed some on my cheek. Within a minute the pain was COMPLETELY gone. I had tried everything else. Anti-inflammatories, gabapentin (helps with nerve pain), penicillin, and orajel severe strength. All of those would only work for a little bit. So far, as long as I have some vicks on my cheek, I'm good! Can anybody explain how this works?

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