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Relief At Last

Hi ladies the only thing that has worked for me is a homeopathic insert called pH-D. I tried to make my own boric acid douche and suppositories at home but I couldn't find the necessary supplies. I found them already pre-made online and I ordered them. My symptoms completely cleared after just one treatment. No mess, no fuss, and now I am symptom free!!

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I have suffered from BV all my adult life (not saying how old I am but will say that I am beyond 40}. Boric Acid is the only thing that has worked for me. I make my own capsules with a straw with a section cut out. I scoop some Boric Acid up and put in capsule. I then insert 2 at night for 7 days. The odor is gone after the 1st day.


Where do you find this product? I tried to look online and couldn't find it. I've been struggling with this for 2 months. There is no odor but very itchy and uncomfortable.


I ordered the boric acid and the capsules on Amazon, I think you can buy boric acid anywhere.


where do you get the a homeopathic insert called pH-D. Please say where you can get these? Thanks.

from Ontario Canada

Hi I tried googling it but can't find it there a name or site you can tell us about?


You can find boric acid and tea tree oil suppositories there.


I just got mine, how often and how much?

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