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I have a subgingival maxilary abscess that is almost under the cheekbone and into the sinus.It became tight and hard and started throbbing.
I have no insurance and little faith in modern medicine. I treated the infection with very tart pure cranberry juice (antibiotic) taken internally three times a day.I applied essential oil of clove (antibiotic) to the gum near the abscess followed by essential oil of black pepper (analgesic). I also rinse with warm salt water(antibiotic ,analgesic,antiseptic) three times a day.In four days the abscess has moved toward the gumline and is ready to pop.Now I have a piece of bread soaked in coconut oil(antibiotic, draws bacteria) and essential oil of clove on it.It is getting better and I expect it to drain soon.

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so what happened? Did it work?

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