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Two years ago my husband woke one morning with severe dizziness and vomiting.Did not know what it could be. I rushed him to the doctor. Doctor immediately diagnosed him with vertigo. Gave him a shot and send him home with Meclizine.
Couple of weeks later he had a mile spell again.
He shared with me that he had stopped chewing gum for a long time. If it has to do with ear's and sinusitis I'm going back to chewing gum and see what happens. He has not had another episode for 2 yrs.

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Uncle Jo

I will definitely try this chewing gum . Hope I can get one sugar free .


I suggest you try natural or organic chewing gum, if you would like to chew gum. Most gums have over 80 dangerous chemicals.
it is possible he suffered from withdrawal symptoms from the artificial ingredients.

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