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TOPICAL HOME REMEDIES FOR RINGWORM TO TRY: (also applicable generally to all topical fungal infections).

~ Crushed garlic as a poultice, left on for 20-30 min, 2-3 times a day. Note: Depending on how it is grown and sourced, garlic can be a potent remedy and may blister healthy skin if too potent or left on too long - adjust application according to requirements and the potency of the garlic you have.)
~ Oregano oil (choose a product suitable for skin application - some are very potent and may produce serious burns if applied without dilution eg. Oreganol P73).
~ Hydrogen peroxide 6%.
~ Colloidal silver.
~ Peppermint oil.
~ Tea tree (manuka) oil.
~ Eucalyptus oil (take care with all undiluted essential oils on sensitive skin)
~ Apple cider vinegar-soaked compresses.
~ 70+% alcohol solutions (can add essential oils eg. tea tree or eucalyptus for extra effectiveness).

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