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After falling during a seizure and breaking my jaw along with cracking most if my teeth I have struggled with a ton of pain and cavities. I have an extreme fear and anxiety about the dentist so advoid it at all costs. Along with no dental instance I'm left with home aids.
So normally brushing the area with peroxide always helps but lately it hasn't. I was reading all these remedies prayin to find something as my whole jaw pounded. I started at the top and worked my way down. Most had already tried over the past three days.
Mouthwash on a cotton ball and set it on the area for as long as I could. Nothing.
Sensitive tooth paste with cotton ball. Nothing
Tooth numer on cotton call. Nothing.
Oregel on tooth Brush and brushed the area. Nothing.
Hot towel. Nothing.
Ice pack. Nothing.
All kinds of numbing sprays. Nothing
Cloves. Nothing
Tooth cavity filler from the store. More pain and nothing.
Warm salt water swish and hold. Nothing.
Rubbing alcohol. Nothing.
Over the counter meds- crushed into paste. Nothing
Prescription meds. Nothing except stomach ache
And more, many more attempts of random things.
GARLIC SALT. salt and really warm water mixed well and applied using a cotton ball to affected area. Relief!!! Not 100% but so much better.
Although you have to use a ton of garlic depending on the pain and I'd recommend putting something like cotton over the gums and cheek to prevent it from touching the skin cause it does burn. Hold it on the area as long as possible. Like 10 minutes of you can. Do not swallow the excess. Let it run out of your mouth into the sink or a cup as it accumlates.keep your tounge away from the cotton as it sits. I have a massively swollen cheek and infection from the tooth I'm sure and the swelling has already started subsiding. You will notice a burning but relieving feeling as it works and more relief after you take it out. The longer I sit here after I finished the better I'm feeling.

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Omg thank you so much! I have been in tears alllll day and this gave me temporary relief! Your a life saver!


Thank you soo much for this post. My pain is gone. I was up all night with pain. I tried everything and this is the only one that worked. I will def. Be telling my family and friends about this. Thanks again


<long-time teeth problems, but THIS WORKED- SERIOUSLY. Horrible pain from a loose one for over 24 hours- nuked warm water, tossed in sea-salt and garlic granuals, just rinsed over the sink and DAMNED IF IT'S BEEN 2 HOURS OR MORE AND STILL DOESN'T HURT (60 yrs old- grew up knowing a fresh garlic in a tiny piece of kleenex works for ear infections, but never put 2 and 2 together)

sleepless in S.D.

Thanks So much. It's 2am and I think I will actually be able to get a couple hours of sleep!! Amazing, wish I would have known about this before!


I have been up most of the night crying hysterically (I am NOT a crier!), and followed the suggestions. I found this website (should've looked sooner!) and did the garlic salt/cotton ball thing. It does bring relief. The whole side of my face was in excruciating pain!!!! I need a root canal, but they told me it would be AUGUST (It's only April). I plan on going to the dental emergency walk-in tomorrow and pleading that something is done sooner. But for now, this is nice relief. It just tastes disgusting and I really would like to drink my coffee, but last time I took out the cotton ball, it hurt again.


Garlic is a godsend at this point. It works much better than morphine. . . I sliced garlic and placed it in my tooth and the pain went away almost instantly.

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