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Pain killer

After falling during a seizure and breaking my jaw along with cracking most if my teeth I have struggled with a ton of pain and cavities. I have an extreme fear and anxiety about the dentist so advoid it at all costs. Along with no dental instance I'm left with home aids.
So normally brushing the area with peroxide always helps but lately it hasn't. I was reading all these remedies prayin to find something as my whole jaw pounded. I started at the top and worked my way down. Most had already tried over the past three days.
Mouthwash on a cotton ball and set it on the area for as long as I could. Nothing.
Sensitive tooth paste with cotton ball. Nothing
Tooth numer on cotton call. Nothing.
Oregel on tooth Brush and brushed the area. Nothing.
Hot towel. Nothing.
Ice pack. Nothing.
All kinds of numbing sprays. Nothing
Cloves. Nothing
Tooth cavity filler from the store. More pain and nothing.
Warm salt water swish and hold. Nothing.
Rubbing alcohol. Nothing.
Over the counter meds- crushed into paste. Nothing
Prescription meds. Nothing except stomach ache
And more, many more attempts of random things.
GARLIC SALT. salt and really warm water mixed well and applied using a cotton ball to affected area. Relief!!! Not 100% but so much better.
Although you have to use a ton of garlic depending on the pain and I'd recommend putting something like cotton over the gums and cheek to prevent it from touching the skin cause it does burn. Hold it on the area as long as possible. Like 10 minutes of you can. Do not swallow the excess. Let it run out of your mouth into the sink or a cup as it accumlates.keep your tounge away from the cotton as it sits. I have a massively swollen cheek and infection from the tooth I'm sure and the swelling has already started subsiding. You will notice a burning but relieving feeling as it works and more relief after you take it out. The longer I sit here after I finished the better I'm feeling.

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Thank you so so much it's 5 am now
Cudnt sleep all night Thankyou again


Absolutely works!!! Mix garlic salt with water and rinse. Don't give up if after 30 seconds seems like there is no relief - give some time for garlic to reach affected area. Pain gradually decreases and no pain in 20 mins! Thank you Pain Killer, finally I can go to bed.


My dear friend, you are now my best friend... I followed your remedy and can't thank you enough!!i didn't want to try but i was literally in agony. Although it's a bit messy and the taste is awful, it really eased the pain and made it less agonizing.

Diane H.

Unbelievable! It works! I had a household member in agony with a broken tooth and exposed nerve...she couldn't sleep, eat or do anything but pace with the pain. I saw this, and we tried it on her. She was SO happy.


Wow, I am truly amazed. I could be sleeping peacefully right now because of this remedy, but I'd rather let the world know that GALIC SALT really does work. Its 4am right now I've been up all night basically crying in excruciating pain. Don't have the budget for a root canal at the moment and needed fast and effective home remedies. This actually works guys. Now I can finally wipe my tears and get some sleep. Good luck and good night from Minnesota


We just tried the garlic salt remedy on my husband - he has a nerve exposed in his tooth --it worked great! It took the edge off and he was able to fall asleep immediately. Thanks so much for posting.

Calvina Johnson

Garlic, salt and warm water mixed into a paste does work...:)


Please be careful with a tooth abscess. It can poison you. Infection will go straight to your heart. You should go to the er if possible. My husband and nephew both had to be hospitalized for letting an abscess go too long. My son's heart got infected the same way. We almost lost him. He had a mechanical heart valve though. They had to scrape and scrub the infection off his heart. So please don't let it go too long.


I've cried for 41/2 hours, rinsed my mouth with garlic salt water and the relief was immediate ! I've probably overdosed on pain killers, they didn't touch it..... Thank you so much,it's an infection after root canal treatment. I'm taking a flask of hot water and salt to bed with me!


Oh my sweet God the relief. Have tooth with hole and infection all the way up into sinus cavity. Have anti biotics and waiting for extraction. Dosing with ibuprofen and paracetamol alternating. The last time I was between meds the pain is THE worst I have ever felt. And I have two children! Could feel med wearing off again tonight but was too soon for more. Pain and throbbing building, I packed the tooth with garlic salt paste. Within minutes, the difference was amazing. Not totally gone, but huge huge difference.

THANK YOU! THANK YOU - soooo much. x

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