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I am currently trying the tie-off method as well. I'm 28 years old and have an anal skin tag from a passed fissure. I have tried everything in the book to get rid of them myself (ACV, natural remedies, baking soda and castor oil, wart remover, nail polish, etc.) in hopes of not having to use the tie-off method as I've heard that it is very painful (I can confirm this now) but nothing has proved successful. I am now single again and desperate to get rid of it! Tomorrow will be day 3 of this process and there are some moments that have been excruciating. The tag has hardened and is starting to change colours. If this doesn't work, I'm not sure what I'll do. I've seen a few doctors who will do nothing about it given that it is not causing any health issues and would therefore be cosmetic. I can't even find a place that will remove it cosmetically unless I travel to the U.S. I really hope this works...

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Just wanted to update for anyone who may be reading this. The tie-off method worked for me!!! I've had it tied off for 7 days and it's now lifeless and just hanging by a thread! I continue to tie it instead of cut it since I'd rather not have a scar if I can help it. I am SO amazed and happy that this worked! I felt so disgusting and embarrassed for so long and I'm so excited to finally feel good again! Please be warned that this process was extremely painful but well worth it in my opinion! It ticks me off that doctors are not willing to do something like this safely in their offices instead of forcing people to have to do it in their homes. Good luck to anyone trying this method:
- Floss worked well for me and I tied it 2 times per day
- For the first couple of days, it's hard to be active
- Keep the area clean
- Make sure you have an abundance of ibuprofen as you will need it!


Did you change daily? Can you describe in detail your tied-off procedure?


Hi Im so glad you found an answer and succeeded with the removal :) So 2 days ago I tied dental floss to my anal skin tag and im in quite a bit of pain and its a little weapy :-/. Ive put TCP on it to and am keeping it clean so hopefully it will be ok. Do you have any tips? I'm slightly concerned. How tight did you tie yours? Thanks


I fully understand that most famly physicians and emergency physicians will not do anything but give you antibiotics and charge you for a CT scan and you will still end up with the problem,the best way to get rid of anything like this is to go to a skin doctor and ask for him to use liquid nitrogen on the skin tag or the mole,my dr tole me that it freezes the cells untill they split and they will not survive,so that they dead part the body flufs off after a few days, it is very unpainful and very quick, mine was done in office, wish you luck .


On my fourth day using the tied off method....2nd and third day was the most painful and I really wanted to give up but also can't since it ballooned up to 10 times its original size when tied. It was super swollen. As of today, swelling went down and the pain is bearable but I'm starting to wonder if it'll ever fall off since it's not the color purple as mentioned by a lot of people. It was bright red when swollen and now it is a pale pink?? What should I do? Should I just go get some numbing cream and cut the sucker off??


Will using a rubber band instead of floss still work to remove it?

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