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I have been suffering from BV for 9 months. So embarrassing. At points later in the day, I felt like anyone I walked past could smell it. And my panties were always drenched, like I peed in them. I tried all the meds from the dr, flagyl, metro gel...none of them even touched it. Smell and discharge never went away. I've been married for ten years and we are both faithful.
I decided to start doing some research, and I found a site where someone posted this:

Eat yogurt every day
Take 1 acidophilus pill per day
Take 1 cranberry pill per day
Take one odorless garlic pill per day
If needed, insert 1 acidophilus pill vaginally

I was skeptical, but it was cheaper than another wasted trip to the dr at this point. The first day I did all of the above. The pill that was inserted vaginally fell out later the next afternoon. I was concerned, but did not try another.
I do all the oral pills every day, and eat yogurt every day, and I'm soooo happy to say that it works!! The discharge went away immediately, and the odor is almost gone. It's been almost a week, and I'm happy with the results. I hope this helps:)

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What kind of yogurt ?

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