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Cinnamon Vogue

Further to my previous post on why Ceylon Cinnamon Leaf Oil works, I would like to add you have to cut and clean your toenail every three days. Normally you don’t want to cut and clean away your cuticle (since it brings in more germs), but in this case you must, to allow the cinnamon oil to penetrate and get to the fungus underneath. Use a cuticle edge trimmer and a metal file.

The Ceylon Cinnamon Leaf Oil will dry your nail very fast and then the nail will start to flake off. This is a good thing because you want to get rid of the fungi infected nail. If you want to moisturize the skin around the toenail and later the toenail itself, you can mix the cinnamon oil with coconut oil (which is also an anti-fungal). But don’t put the coconut oil on the toenail itself at the beginning. Let the nail dry a bit for a couple of weeks with just the cinnamon oil. Also massage your feet every day. For severe cases soak feet with the diluted cinnamon oil twice a week for 25 minutes and dry with a hair dryer.

And those of you, who don’t believe that Candida causes the toenail fungus in most cases, get a Candida test done. If you have Candida, you know you have to start drinking Ceylon Cinnamon Tea (Cassia Cinnamon will damage your liver) which is very effective against Candida, even anti biotic resistant Candida. If you don’t get rid of Candida, the fungus will keep coming back.

And please watch your diet. No sugar and no dairy whatsoever. Candida feeds on sugar. Dairy products have fungi. If you are a Vegan/Vegetarian you also have a compromised immune system so you need to eat much more and maybe even consider eating meat. If you taking a lot of supplements especially tablets with Silicon Dioxide and Magnesium Stearate they are bad for you. Eat good quality natural food.

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Nice work promoting your product. Google cinnamon vogue before trying this. It's an advertisement.


' If you are a Vegan/Vegetarian you also have a compromised immune system so you need to eat much more and maybe even consider eating meat.' Really, that's funny because after 4 years of undergrad, a 12 month internship and 2 years completing my MS., in nutrition, I never saw this to be true. Complete utter ignorance.



Fungi Fighter!

Not to mention that ALL candida is antibiotic resistant because it's NOT a bacteria, it's a fungus! I laugh every time someone puts antibiotics and yeast/fungus together...not going to work! Antibiotics kill bacteria, not fungi! Ugh!

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